Question Exploration Guide as Writing Support:

Question Exploration Routine


Using LINCS to learn vocabulary.




We have implemented the following as part of a district wide initiative from The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning:
Strategic Instruction Model, or SIM:





 Essay/ Theme/ Paper Level/ Poem

  1. Overview Tower Strategy for Writing What is a TOWER?
  2. Theme/ Essay/ Paper  Parts of the PROCESS and PARAGRAPHS
  3. SIM (T is for think! O is for organize) Brainstorm and Code
  4. More Subordination ORDER and Coding (It's up to you!)
  5. MORE Options for ORDER
  6. Modified Tower Diagram
  7. Grabber

Paragraph / Sentence Level (print notes for review here)

  1. TSLOFU (Paragraphs)
  2. SIM (T is for think! O is for organize) Brainstorm and Code (for paragraphs too!)
  3. Steps in creating a TSLOFU(CL) PARAGRAPH for a literary assignment.
  5. TRANSITION WORDS  See notes distributed and chart Transitions!
  6. Practice Topics
At Longwood HS we now use SIM language to describe  parts of the writing process however, in transition it can be helpful to recall other methods:
  1. Having trouble? here are some more ideas to Brainstorm or to THINK about Subtopics
  2. More about Graphic Organizers