How to Read (A basic model for literary analysis).


Level One

(the most basic level agreed upon)


Literal Level The text actually says at face value.
Level Two

(Intuitive based on the students' ability to process their emotions)


Personal Emotional Response How you as the reader feels as you read the text.
Level Three

(Sophistication based on students' grasp of techniques and devices through analysis)


Literary Level Identification of the devices and techniques the author employs to achieve an effect beyond the literal.
Level Four

(Sophistication based on students' ability to place the text in context of historical events and developments through analysis)


Historical Perspective What the text means in relation to the time it was written and when it is read.
Level Five (Synthesis) The Author's Purpose Answer the question with an analysis of the previous levels:  was the author successful at achieving a goal with their text?

To demonstrate graduation requirements students must be able to work at all five levels.

Add a well written introduction and conclusion and you have a basic structure of a seven paragraph literary essay.

Of course, paragraphs are made up of a topic supported by detail, example, or fact.