I want to greet you as a partner in your child’s success and let you know that I believe we can maximize the opportunities for your child to master the academics as well as grow into a responsible member of the community.  Part of that responsibility is to obtain work to be made up when absent from class-- during extended absence, or rare other times, this may require a trip to the public library to use the internet or other resources to complete assignments.  Please take a look at our class rules—of course as parents we know sometimes there are exceptions… contact me ASAP if there is a question or concern.  Think about it...  If your doctor prescribed aspirin to all the patients instead of seeing each one as having unique needs wouldn't you stop going to them?   Why would an educator provide the same learning experience when each student has unique needs? Of course it is important to be “fair” but individual needs in learning are also a concern.

With over 20 years of teaching experience at Longwood Senior High School, I still continue to learn each year how to improve my instruction.   I have enjoyed teaching English 9R, English 10R, English 10H, English 11R, Broadcast Journalism, Film and TV Production, in the LAP (Alternative Program), Repeat Courses, as well as 12th Grade courses and as an Adjunct Professor.  I facilitate and encourage my students and peers to use computers to in the educational process.  And so, I continue in the process of developing my comprehensive website where there are resources for parents, educators, and students ---



A Google search for “dropthemouse” has me ranked #1or find my e-board for a link!

There are weekly updated assignments as well as helpful links regarding parenting information as well as school related and community issues-- including hot topics like grade book info as well as the honor code.  Ultimately, I have found that keeping in touch with e-mail allows a superior level of achievement for students and I am asking you to e-mail me and just say “hi,” if you have access to an e-mail account you check weekly.  My school account is


As I may have 149+/- other students, please include your name and your child’s name, of course, feel free to add anything you think I should know to help your child this year.

You may contact me at the HS by dialing 345-9200, the Main Office, and leaving a voice mail message or even better ---- e-mail me at the previous address.  If it is urgent, contact the Main Office and be sure to tell them it is urgent and ask to speak with a guidance counselor at the HS who will get in touch with me so that I may return your call promptly.