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Blank Lesson plan format:

10R HB 1/2a 10R HB 2b/3 English 11R 10 Repeat


Differentiated Instruction:

Modifications needed in order for all learners to succeed with this lesson:

Textbook Additional notes on Web Site
Workbook  Student Notes
Verbal Checking Group Work
Lecture Use of Smart Board
Reward Use of Blackboard/Whiteboard
Resource Teacher  conf. Collected assignment(s)
Alternative Examples Handouts
Extended Time Extra Help Available
Online Textbook Modified Due Date
Use of Library  Public Library
Minimal Distraction



D I    http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=3747932 



http://www.emsc.nysed.gov/ciai/ela/elacore.pdf (by Grade level)  10 page 72-  11  p78  Not . gov HERE




Standard 1: Language for Information and Understanding

Standard 2: Language for Literary Response and Expression

Standard 3: Language for Critical Analysis and Evaluation

Standard 4: Language for Social Interaction




Knowledge: The

remembering of previously

learned material (recall of



define, distinguish, identify, inquire,

label, list, match, memorize, name,

read, recall, recognize, relate, repeat,

record, select


Comprehension: The ability

to grasp the meaning of the

knowledge being learned.


associate, describe, differentiate,

discuss, explain, extend, generalize,

give examples, illustrate, infer,

interpret, locate, rearrange, reorder,

restate, rewrite, summarize,

transform, translate


Application: The ability to

use learning materials in a

new way.


apply, calculate, choose, classify,

demonstrate, develop, generalize,

illustrate, operate, organize, practise,

restructure, sketch, solve, transfer, use


Analysis: The ability to break

material down into its parts

so that its organizational

structure may be



analyze, categorize, classify, compare,

contrast, deduce, describe, detect,

diagram, discriminate, differentiate,

distinguish, experiment, group,

inspect, point out, put into lists,

question, sub-divide, test


Synthesis: The ability to

combine previous

experiences with new

material to form a whole

new structure.


combine, compile, create, design,

generate, integrate, modify, plan,

produce, propose, solve


Evaluation: The ability to

judge the value of material

for a given purpose.


appraise, assess, choose, compare,

conclude, consider, criticize, evaluate,

judge, measure, rate, score,



manifest and latent objectives

Do now: complete index cards
8th Objective is to review class rules and curriculum and ensure parental contact ELA Standard 1

9th Objective is to present arguments with reference to specific criteria that support the argument ELA Standard 3

10th Review the interaction of ELA Standard 2 and 3 toward addressing our first literature of the year.

11th Continue practice of independent practice of the interaction of ELA Standard 2 and 3 toward addressing our first curriculum literature of the year.