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Technique Set Up: 

The Monkey Grip is used in techniques such as the Kimura and Toe Hold.

Technique Description: 

Opposable thumbs are great, but sometimes that thumb gets in the way of good technique. The "Monkey Grip" or "Clam Shell Grip" is when you grip your opponent with your five fingers together, rather than leaving your thumb on the outside of whatever body part you are gripping, as in the Squeeze Grip. The key reasons for using the Monkey Grip instead of the Squeeze Grip is because:

  • The Monkey Grip will give you more leverage to push the arm in one direction (because five fingers pushing in one direction is more effective than four fingers, and this focuses the pushing power with your palms).
  • The Monkey Grip will protect your thumb from potential injury.
  • The Monkey Grip uses less energy than a grip with the thumb inside.
  • The Monkey Grip will enable you to adjust your grip if your opponent is rotating their body part towards your thumb.