Attack Review


R High Punch / B F M 1   

L High Punch / B F M 2                

High Charge / B F M 3                 

R Straight Punch / B F M 4                     

L Straight Punch / B F M 5                     

R Low Punch / B F M 6                

L Low Punch / B F M 7                 

Straight Wrist Grab Escape / B F M 8

Straight Wrist Grab Escape / B F M 9

Cross Wrist Grab Escape / B F M 10   

Hostile Approach / B F M 11    



High Punch / Arm bar                  

High Punch / Leg sweep              

High Punch / Leg cut out            

Straight Punch / Break the arm koto  

Straight Punch / Spin around back

High Punch   / Japanese headlock        

Straight Punch / Leg reap                      

Straight Punch / Valley drop                 

High Punch / Right rear corner             

High Charge / Head throw

Low Charge / Leg throw



Front Finger Choke / R up L trap elbow guillotine

Rear Finger Choke / Turn trap choke

Forearm Choke / Trap horse step behind

Hammer Lock / Point to their heel spin to jaw

Rear Underarm Bear Hug / gooseneck nidan

Cross Wrist Grab / Point to their L foot forearm

Straight Wrist Grab / Slingshot sidekick R punch

Front Overarm Bear Hug / Moochi

One Hand Lapel Grab / back of hand…

Two Hand Lapel Grab / Post simultaneous

Front Overarm Bear Hug / Box & gouge

Rear Overarm Bear Hug / Horse & lift arm

Full Nelson / Horse strike face groin pinto chest

Full Nelson (it’s on) / same

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Warrior JJ BBT 1 of 9 

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