Technique/ Attack Narrative/Description Notes/Images/Video
01 Front Finger Choke R  up  dwn 45degrees  L trap to chest R elbow strike cup back of head into knee strike and guillotine choke
02 Rear Finger Choke R up as turn right wrap above elbow  L strike to kidney R becomes Forearm Choke  
03 Forearm Choke Both hands to forearm drop to horse stance, L rear elbow mid face groin.  pin forearm to chest  and step behind Opponent keep their shoulder high palm up turn to their chest  
04 Hammer Lock As opponent attempts to get it on lean back over the arm to prevent it from being pushed up.  Point to your opposite heel as you turn around behind them rotating to place the back of your hand under their jaw for throw stepping out.  
05 Rear Underarm Bear hug Horse stance curve/expand back.  Grab fingers left over their right and use your right to keep elevated step back and through and pin to your chest turn right keep opponent elbow up with arm in gooseneck nidan  
06 Cross Wrist Grab point down to their left foot as you drop stance, reach around back of left to jawline throw
07 Straight Wrist Grab Slingshot sidekick R punch Sweep  
08 Front Overarm Bear Hug  Moochi  
09 One Hand Lapel Grab back of hand, inside wrist, forearm, bicep/tricep, center of chest  
10 Two Hand Lapel Grab Post simultaneous L grabs rear neck right strike neck/chin knee up and twist counter clockwise  
11 Front Overarm Bear Hug    
12 Rear Overarm Bear Hug    


13 Full Nelson    
14 Full Nelson (get it on)