Technique/ Attack Narrative/Description Notes/Images/Video
01    High Punch Arm bar L block and atemi to face
L controls arm of opponent to palm up ... as stepping left duck under arm across back of own neck/shoulders
R simultaneous to far shoulder (breaks arm) as opponent TAPS turn R and push or headlock variant from behind.
 02    High Punch Leg sweep L block and atemi to face
L controls arm of opponent's arm  to hip ... as stepping left
R simultaneous moves to close shoulder atemi w palm and use elbow to force opponent head up
Sweep back with R leg.
 03    High Punch Leg Cut Out L block with Atemi and R punch
Horse stance left sword arm to inside opponents lead leg pushing in the direction to roll the instep up
R hand grabs heel and keeps control as stand up
Finnish off opponent
04    Straight Punch Break the Arm Koto R forearm block minimal (_not parry_stepping left right block [snake]) R takes control of opponent's arm immediately L back fist face then ribs
L to opponents hand (rotate opponent palm up) and arm bar as duck under arm
keep control of arm.
05    Straight Punch Spin Around Back L forearm block (stepping left)
Spin clockwise elbow to rear elbow strike to back
06    High Punch Japanese Headlock Duck (horse stance) and protect head
Throw up underarm and headlock with monkey grip forcing opponent's arm up with shoulder headlock as you squeeze R forearm into carotid artery
07    Straight Punch Leg Reap L block to R grab L shoulder push
As opponent resists the push--  pullback L shoulder and sweep in the direction of the toes pointing.
If opponent doesn't resist it becomes an arm bar.
 08    Straight Punch Valley Drop L forearm _out_block with R chop to groin
R foot to opponent's R (same side)
Wrap arms around waist and sit with L leg out
Can go into side mount.