Any final average in the grade book (The Parent Portal) is not complete until grades are reconciled.

Would you balance your checking account without a detailed statement from the bank?  

Running grade book averages displayed can be misleading if the following are not taken into account:

Is all of the participation calculated to include all variables? 20%
Are all of the project grades included? 20%
Are there any outstanding HW assignments being made up? 20%
Are there any quiz grades outstanding or in the testing room? 20%
How about that notebook-- was there a test yet? 20%

With a push for transparency in everything, I laugh at the discovery of transparency because all of this time we have had the answers clearly before us; the best way for a parent or student to estimate a grade is to look in the student's notebook.  Are there dated quizzes, home work / class work, notes, tests or projects -- or is it unorganized, and filled with doodles and indicating below grade level work or effort?  A "C" is average-- is it above or below that?  How far?

A weekly status sheet is a great way for us to communicate. If you are seeing this online-- please e-mail me and I can answer your concerns directly and give you a real approximation from a real person.  Keep in mind, a project worth 20% is worth two full letter grades. 

Participation is adjusted for attendance and related issues and unusual circumstances. Late assignments (where arranged before due date-- or due to unusual circumstances), home tutoring and Resource Room- IDS or late penalties -- all will have an impact on averages and can lead to misunderstanding if viewing without a detailed knowledge of what has been covered and what is yet to come.


I like talking to parents -- I get it. 

I am one. 

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