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For full credit you must have the minimum number of these sheets completed properly and placed in alphabetical order by the MLA CITATION FOR THE WORKS CITED PAGE: 

Select Type of Citation:

q Book    q  Text Book  q  Encyclopedia or other Reference Work      q  Magazine Article q Newspaper Article

  q -OTHER (write in)______________________________________________________

Online Source (AOL, and WIKI are not acceptable sources as are websites with the following symbols (~ )

  E- Journal Article            E-Magazine Article        E-Encyclopedia      E-Web Document  

  -OTHER (write in)_____________________________________________________________________ 



MLA CITATION FOR THE WORKS CITED PAGE -- exactly as it should appear online sources must include the URL as per the instructor:







Quotationq or  Paraphraseq   relating to the research punctuated properly with proper PARENTHETICAL CITATION as it should appear in the paper:























The topic of the paragraph I will be able to support using this source: